What makes you lovely?

"What makes me lovely is my deep compassion for others. It brings me to having a head for the voiceless, a heart for social justice. I am willing to go deep with those around me, knowing that transparency brings freedom not only to yourself, but to those around you.

What makes me lovely is my love for people and culture, so much that I'll always say yes to a new adventure where new perspective awaits me.

I am lovely because I yearn for greatness, and will not settle for less---but what makes me even more lovely is my love to draw greatness out of other people.

I am lovely because I am an encourager, a light that is inviting to all who encounter me.

It's funny, because telling young women why they are lovely is one of my most favorite things---I'm a teacher! But when I was asked the same question back, I felt speechless! Humility? Maybe. But deep down I think I battle with if I tell you what I think/hope is great about me, will you agree?

I am lovely because I am willing to believe these things about myself even if the world doesn't agree. "

Photo credit: Brittany B.