What makes you lovely?

"Honestly, when I think about the word lovely, I think of my mom. She is an incredible, loving, Godly woman, and I know that a lot of my loveliness is a result of her being my mother! She taught me what it means to be kind, to put others before yourself, to always be willing to lend a hand. Her lessons included funny phrases like “Don’t take any wooden nickels” and “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.” I am lovely because my mom not only told me, but showed me how to put God first. My mom and I are both what you would call “tender-hearted.” I cry multiple times a day, both for happy reasons and for sad reasons. I am moved by a sweet story of romance, or by the grief of loss of a loved one. I think a lot of what makes me lovely is the fact that I find emotion in the stories and the people around me. I hurt for those who are hurting, and I rejoice with those who are joyful! In a time when we try to have it all together, I hope to be someone who can be real and honest during my times of struggle. Someone who can cry with you when you are hurting. Someone to party with you when good news comes along. This is someone that my mother has always been for me, and I hope that I can continue that legacy for those in my own life!"