What makes you lovely?

"Boy this was a lot harder to answer than I thought it would be!
There were some things that came to my mind like, my smile, my laugh, my loving personality with just a touch of sass and a whole lot of silliness;) or my passion and love for my family, kids(they are the best!), and just people in general! My hearts cry is that they would know how much they are loved and needed and that God has an incrediblely amazing plan for their life that is SO full of His love and His goodness! But at the core of all of this, is my love for Jesus. Every "yes" that I've given Him, has made me the woman I am today. I love that in the good days I choose Him, that I can laugh with all that I am because of His goodness and that I still choose Him in the bad days. I can still smile and laugh  even when life seems to be on the "crummy" side, because I know who my daddy is and who I am. I love that I can be real with God, that I can call Him "papa", I can poor out my heart and be a blubbering mess and know that I am completely safe in Him and can trust that He's got it all in control. I am brave. I love that when things gets tough I choose to keep moving forward and trust that breakthrough is just around the corner. I love that every day God speaks over me, "I choose you" and I whisper it right back.

My greatest passion is to seek His face all the days of my life, to love with abandonment, to never be "stingy" with that love and to really know Him, and that is what makes me lovely."