What makes you lovely?

"Becoming a mother sets into motion a period of reevaluation. I can remember sitting up at 2 am with Elliott, both of us crying by the way, wondering if I was cut out for motherhood. I'm impatient and a little selfish and I worry too much. Those characteristics are things i have always struggled with. I think God knew that becoming a mom was just what I needed. Every day I am challenged to practice patience with my child when he takes 20 minutes to finish half a sandwich and we're running late. I am challenged to be selfless when I'm tired but my son wants to go to the park. I am challenged to stop worrying if giving him a cookie will lead him down a path to a crazed sugar addiction. Being a mother has helped me to be a better person for my son which makes me a better person for myself. What makes me lovely? Being a mom has given me patience, the ability to be selfless at times and to worry a little less about the silly things."