What makes you lovely?

"What makes me lovely is my keen ability to spot beauty in the “commonalities” around me. The golden sun reflecting off the green of the pines, the shadows dancing up and down the cracks in the sidewalk, the stunningly rare colors that peak through in a bouquet of withering flowers (I keep all the flowers I have ever been given because of just that). I am so compelled by what is beautiful in the things that we often miss among the day-to-day rush of our lives. 

 My soul yearns to take the time to notice, appreciate, and dwell among the flawless masterpieces of my creator. I have no choice than to bask in the glory of Jesus before me, I simply cannot resist it. I also cannot resist the calling to embrace what is broken and to have the opportunity to be God’s instrument, ringing a loud reminder to others that all is never lost. God always chooses to breathe new life where there is brokenness and when I can help facilitate that, that is when I am most lovely."