What makes you lovely?

"Freshmen year of college I was the girl who made others laugh and was someone who goofed around a lot. Then came sophomore year and I remember expressing to the girls who I was living with that I felt like no one took me seriously. I laugh at this now because it sounds so dramatic! Turns out that I was the one who did not take myself seriously because being real with others is so scary! I think at that moment and time in my life, I discovered that I was meant for so much more than just making others laugh. I was longing to be in a place where vulnerability and being real with others was welcomed. From that moment on, I strive to be that person who creates space for any of my friendships to share what's on their heart, and of course laughter is always welcomed! 

What makes me lovely is that I approach life with laughter and people with an invitation to be who they are, the good and the ugly. "