Monthly challenges:

August 31, 2015

Write down something that you love about yourself each day this week. Put it in your journal, on a sticky note at your desk, or on your bathroom mirror. Don't just speak it to yourself, write it down and let it soak in. Start to combat negative self -talk. Right now.

Let it resonate that you are lovely. You are you...and that's enough. 


September 6, 2015

Alright ladies, this one may feel awkward at first (Okay, it made me feel a whole lot of awkward the first time I did it). But it's totally worth it. Embrace the awkwardness with me. 

Here's the challenge for this week: Stand in front of the mirror some time this week and compliment/thank each part of your body- from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. It can be as simple as thanking your body for your fingers to thanking your body for those beautiful thighs that will always touch but provide so much power (me! it's taken time, but I am starting to love these guys ;) ). If you feel like that's too much to take in all at one time, that's okay. Just pick up where you left off the next day. 

See, seems a little strange? But it's powerful. It's important for us to love our full selves- that includes the outer us. 

My goal is for there to be a balance- a love for the outer and inner you. Hopefully this will open your eyes to the beauty you already possess.

And here's the next part of the challenge: share it! Take a selfie (yes, I am shamelessly promoting the selfie love right now), share something you love about yourself and #thelovelyinitiative

You are worth a selfie blast...because you're awesome.  


October 3, 2015

This challenge may take you out of your comfort zone...what are challenges for, am I right? These next couple weeks your challenge is to compliment someone everyday. Whether that's in person, through a text, a facebook post, etc. Get out there and inspire other women to know that they are lovely. 

A compliment can be powerful. You know how you've felt when a stranger or someone you know has said something kind about who you are or how rad you look. It feels amazing, so pass it along.

Originally, I wanted the challenge to be about sharing love with strangers (You know that girl standing in line in front of you with the best laugh, yeah, compliment her). I understand this can feel awkward though and I also understand how meaningful and needed it is for us to encourage the ladies that are already in our lives. So do both. Uplift the stranger you see and continue to pour into the women in your life. Don't let awkwardness or fear hold you back from encouraging someone- you never know the impact it can have.

If you're feeling really brave (you should, because again, you rock!), you should post a picture and #thelovelyinitiative