I have this deep, aching desire for women to know they are valued and worthy- that they are lovely.

Sadly, we have so many outside pressures that tell us we aren’t cherished, which in return, poisons our inner voice. All to quickly we begin diminishing who we are by how we think of ourselves. This affects the way we go through life- the way we talk about ourselves to others, the way we communicate with others, and the way we view others.

When our inner voice is negative, it is destructive to our purpose and perspective in the world.

I’ve been there. Having battled with different insecurities and negative self-talk, I understand how quickly it becomes a disease.

I have not only battled with this personally but have encountered so many women who do not fully love themselves. So how do we change this? This has been a question I have chewed on for so long. I have an idea and I want you to be a part of it.

What if we spoke positively about ourselves? What if we rejoiced in our differences and took a hold of all that we are- weaknesses and all. What if we were able to receive a compliment and simply say thank you? What if we were able to give a compliment or word of encouragement with genuine excitement and care for another woman?

It’s so wild to me how we view ourselves as women. For some reason it is shameful to speak positively about who we are. Somehow taking pride in the things we love about ourselves has been categorized as arrogant. For so long there has been such a fine line between being confident and conceited. We’re pressured to have confidence, but never share it. No, that would be just wrong to express the beautiful qualities we have. 

Say what!  The only time this seems to be appropriate in our culture is when we are being interviewed and asked to share three strengths we have. And even then, we hold back. And let’s admit it, it’s awkward. Let’s break that awkwardness and bring positive self-talk outside a shallow meeting.

We have gotten the meaning of being humble and self hate mixed up as well. I have done this way too many times. I have believed that being humble means finding the things I don’t like about myself, because you know, humble people don’t love themselves too much. But here’s the thing, we can remain humble women, while still expressing the things we enjoy about ourselves. Sounds crazy, right? Being humble doesn’t mean we have to fight against who we are. It means we can love ourselves, relish in the beauty we have, and understand we are not better than anyone else. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each of us. We were created to rejoice in how we are made and to love others as they are designed. 


Here’s my idea. Let’s capture and thrive in our beautiful qualities. My mission is to capture the women I encounter in my life and find out what makes them lovely.


It’s simple, but I hope it penetrates. My heart would be bursting with joy if you found a genuine love for yourself.


So let’s take some pictures and talk about how great you are. Then, as you build confidence in yourself, share the love with others.


Let’s have a fresh perspective on self-confidence.


Let the lovely initiative take hold. 


With love,